Dice Games For Adults And Child

Dice Games For Adults And Child

What happened with all of the latest technology such as video game consoles, xbox and smart phones taking over the interests of children and also for adults, it can be very easy to forget those things of a simple nature such as dice games. Dice games are not only simple, but also  a lot of fun, regardless of whether you’re an adult or a child

What’s more, dice games are very rarely to need a huge investment. Although you can buy there are a number of dice games for both children and adults, there are many games that can be played without any purchase, simply using spare bits from around the home and also from online.

Of course, who are slightly more invested in dice play games, there are a series of dice games that you can purchase, some are more novelty-based, whereas others are modern-day versions of dice-based games introduced many years ago.

Dice games have been stable of many homes for a number of years in our country. Now a day’s dice games may not seems very exciting to the younger demographic in our country due to the pace technology evolves at, but when they introduced to the excitement and competition a dice game can bring, children are soon enjoying and take the many benefits that many dice games introduce into a household.


There are so many dice games that can be enjoyed by either adults or children, depending on how a particular dice game is tailored. However, those new in to the world of dice play games may prefer to have a best selection of games they can jump straight into. In this regard, the following dice games have been split into so many categories.

The following dice games have been designed only for adults in mind, but some of  that can be played with the rest of the family.

Dice games for adults are usually those who are around for variety of years, though some have seen fashionable soar once popular games have accredited the sport and marketed it during a explicit means. associate degree example of this is often ‘Yahtzee,’ that whereas seen as a preferred dice game of these days, it’s really a game that has roots that span back a massive variety of years.


Bunco is a dice game that played with nine dice, and need a lot of luck. 12 people are also can play the game, which will be split into three teams of four players. Less or more players are also can join, but the total number of people playing must be dividable by four for the game to be played.

Players must try to roll a number that corresponds with the round being played. For the example, if players are up to the round 03(three), then they should try and aim to roll 03 (three’s). Similarly, in round 05 (five’s), players would need to roll 05 (five’s). Each time a strong dice roll are made, this is called as a Bunco, and a point is allocated each time a Bunco is claimed. The team with the most points achiever is announced the winner.

Bunco Dice Game

The bohemian rules associated with Bunco are what makes the game so obsessive, very few rules and a regulation of excitement is what makes Bunco one of the most popular dice games played in the US today.

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Number of players: 2 or more

Number of dice: 02 (two) rolling dice and 01 (one) additional dice for each player in the game

The Mexico is another dice game with simple dynamic also with fun and easy to play. It requires 02 (two) dice for rolling and 01 (one) additional dice for each player in the game.

At the start of the game, each player receives one dice that will track the number of lives that player has. Each player starts the game with 6 lives.

In the first round, all players of the dice take their turn and roll the 02 (two) dice. Each player’s score in that round are simply the sum of both dice. The player with the lowest roll in that turn loses a life and has to change his personal dice accordingly (from 6 to 5 in the first round).

When the game is progress and each round a player loses a life. When a player of this game has lost all his or her lives, that player no longer participates in the game. The game ends when there is only 01 (one) player left and all other players have lost all of their lives.

Shut The Box

While the introductory games are being of a straight forward affair, ‘Shut the Box’ encourages players to really apply their brain power, which is what makes it so much fun.

Generally played within a wooden box that displays the current numbers, each player will roll dice and use the combinations made to reach one of the numbers displayed on the wooden display. As each number is paired, the numbers within the wooden board display will be flipped over. If the number 1 is the only number left showing, then players will only need to roll one dice in the hope they can reach the final number.

Once a player is able to successfully paired all of the numbers, they are declared the winner, as a result thus having to ‘shut the box’. Though played by many adults in a gambling quantity, ‘Shut The Box’ is also a excellent family game that can easily be transported on holiday or even used for days out.

Shut The Box


When you looking for a popular dice game, Yahtzee is a game that needs a little introduction. The game has background that connect to a series of dice games from past, with one of the most important ancestor being called ‘Yacht.’

There are thirteen categories that can be used for the dice rolls, although when a category has been used, it cannot be used again. Each category will have its own scoring system. Five dice are rolled to grant for various combinations, with players allowed to re-roll the dice an additional 02 (two) times. The dice can be saved, with players choosing to re-roll any other dice should they so wish, although there is no requirement.

Though Yahtzee seen as an adult game, the clever marketing of Yahtzee has seen the game become popular among many families. Ideal dice game for family bonding times or those gloomy, rainy days.

Liar’s Dice

‘Liar’s Dice’ found a twist of interest again once it was featured in the famous movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ series. The game is played with each player having 05 (five) dice, plus a cup that cover their roll from the other players.

At the start of a game players roll their dice, should any dice land on top of 01 (one) another, then that particular roll needs to be taken again. Once all players have rolled their dice, they must be kept concealed, thus the use of the cup. Players than make bids on how the value of dice as a whole. For example, a player declaring that there are ’02 (two) 03 (three)’s’ is stating that there at least two dice showing a 03 (three). The player can either continue to play or challenge that particular player. Should they have the dice call, or more, then the player who made the first challenge will lose a die.

Only the current bidder can be challenged, and can you can only challenge those players during your turn. The game continues until only one player remains.

The game is popular because of the deception involved, often leading to much hilarity when played at house parties.

Left, Center, Right

When describing about adult dice games, it makes sense to me introduce one of the best-selling dice games of all time. This particular dice game is a little different between the others in that offers custom-made dice designed exclusively for this particular game.

Each player of this game is given a series of chips. How many is really depends on how long you wish to play the game. For a short term games, then the player should be given at least 03 (three) chips, although more can be given if you wish to span the game out for some time.

The dice used in ‘Left, Right, Centre’ are labeled with ‘L,’ ‘R’ and ‘C.’ The other faces of the die has a singular dot, which results in no action being taken by the player. The following rolls of this game will determine a particular action by the player.

L (Left): The player have to  pass a chip to the player on the left.

R (Right): Players must pass a chip to players of his/her right.

C (Center): A chip is placed into a pot in the center, means that no other players are not benefited from that particular chip. The player with the most chips left over is declared the winner.

Though this particular dice game is fully a game of chance, the excitement that can be garnered from its simplicity makes this unique dice game a worthy purchase.


Do you have a friends and also family that like to push their luck? Then why not introduced with the Farkle into their lives, as I know the whole game is centered around all the players pushing their luck to achieve the highest score as much as possible.

Farkle Dice Game

The game of Farkle is somewhat likelya straightforward, although it does require someone to keep track of the scores of its player.

In order to make sure who starts the game, each of the players must roll a singular die the player with the highest roll is the player who goes first. In the game event of a tie, then players who tied with a particular number must roll again to determine their starting position.

Once it has been decided as to who will start the game, all players are given 06 (six) dice to roll for their turn. Each of the dice rolled will have either a point tally, or be worth nothing at all. The following rolls identify the number of points earned for each die.

  • A roll of 01 (one) is worth 500 points to the player.
  • A roll of 05 (five) is worth 50 points to the player.
  • 03 (Three) dice rolled at the same time that contain the same value are worth 100 times the face value. For example, if a player was to roll the 05 (five’s), the score would be 500 points.

In order for a player to enter the Farkle game, players must roll a total of 1,000 points or more. The rules applied here are similar to that of the main game, in that players can set aside scoring die, but risk losing everything should they choose to roll again.

Once the main game has started, each player will take it in turns to roll 06 (six) dice. When a player has rolled the dice, they must set aside any dice that are bankable (ones, 05 (fives) and three-in-a-row.) The remaining dice can then be thrown to try and achieve additional points, or the dice can be passed toward the next player.

Should a player must roll the dice and there are no points whatsoever, this is known as a Farkle. As a result, no score will be listed and the dice must be passed to the next player.

In order for a player to win this game of Farkle, they have to be the first to reach 10,000 points. If a player of this game scores more than 10,000 points that other players will look to beat the score. If no-one does to do this, the player with the highest scorer is declared the winner.


While adult dice games can involve a lot of luck and also can be manipulated by the player, dice game that are created for the children are much friendly, but there can be a very healthy element of competition still present. Dice games can also be used for kids to help children further their education, while they are having fun.

There is a vast selection of dice games are available for children, and not all of them needed a huge investment. In fact, this can be one of the most engaging aspects of board games, because there are times that parents simply don’t have the budget required for a day out at the theme park or the movies.

Here is the following children’s dice games can be played without having to invest a huge amount of your money.

Beat That!

Beat That is a fun game that can be played by children aged 05 (five) upwards. The total number of dice used within the game can vary depending on the age of the children. For example, younger children may be fine with 02 (two) dice, whereas older children may prefer more of a challenge, so potentially up to 07 (seven) dice could be used within the game.

To play Beat That player needed a dice and a paper with pencil for scoring. Children are passed the dice and have to come up with the top number possible combining the dice thrown. For example, if a child was using 02 (two) dice and came up with a 06 (six) and a 07 (seven), the highest number that could be achieved is 76 (seventy Six). Similarly, if a child was using three dice and the numbers rolled were 04 (four), 06 (six) and 08 (eight), then the highest number possible would be 864.

Once a players have come up with the best number they think is possible, the dice are then passed to the next player with the invitation of ‘Beat That!’

Children play in rounds, at the end of each round a winner being declared.

If attempting to score the highest number becomes a little boring, then why not consider changing the rules round, like attempting to reach the smallest number possible.

Tenzi Dice

Sometimes children are discourage from playing any games that are dice-based as they feel there’s purely not enough adventure. However, Tenzi Dice looks to break the fantasy with ease.

Tenzi Dice can be played with dice which you already own, or you could invest in a set for as little as $14.00. If you spend in an Tenzi Dice set, you will often find that the dice come in various colors.

Tenzi Dice

The aim of the game only for children to roll their dice and try to match the same number. The process is simply copied until the one player has matched all of their dice, and as such, is declared the winner.

The game can be played in rounds, and due to the rules of the game, each round player only takes around a minute to complete, meaning children aren’t waiting too long for their turn. The game also doubles as a best family game for those at a loose end.

Going to Boston

In parents who are looking for a fun game for their kids that educates as well as entertains should look no further than ‘Going to Boston.’ All that is needed for this fun-filled game is 3 dice, a pencil and some paper so scores can be recorded.

Each player is given three dice. The dice will be rolled 03 (three) times, with the highest number set alone each time. At the end of the player’s turn, the 03 (three) numbers must be added up to give the final figure. Each player takes a turn until they have 03 (three) numbers each. The winner with the best overall number will be declared the winner.

What’s more, ‘Going to Boston’ can be fitted for those looking for more of a challenge. For example, older children may enjoy multiplying the numbers, as opposing to adding them together.

Pizza Party Game

Although something of a crazy dice game, that doesn’t mean it’s any less fun. Pizza Party is a fast-paced dice games where kids must match the toppings on the dice with the toppings shown on their pizza piece.

To play Pizza Party, children are given 05 (five) dice each. They are then required to pick a ‘slice card’ from the stumble deck. Then the players have to roll their dice and attempt the match the toppings show on the dice to that shown on the card.

Whether you’re looking for a dice game for a rainy day, or something can be played while mobile, Pizza Party Game can be a worthwhile investment that won’t break the bank.


Mountain is a game, known by many names, and it’s the most probably one of the simpler dice games for younger children, as well as being adaptable for older children. All that is needed to play Mountain is 02 (two) or 03 (three) dice, a paper and a pencil, and some printouts that are normally easily available online.

A mountain game is shown on a piece of paper with a series of number showing them leading up the mountain, and downward the other side. In order to clamber the mountain, children must roll each number that is shown on the mountain. So if the first number is a 1, then a 1 must be rolled before the climb can start. Each number must be complete in order, so there can be no fast forwarding when it comes to rolling a number that arrive later on.

The winner is the first person that is able to claim the mountain with a number of a successful dice rolls. They can be tailored for different players. For example, if you like you may want to increase the size of the mountain, or introduce more dice.

Run for It!

This particular dice game is not only a lot of fun and knowledge, but it can also help encourage children to build on their05 (five)-times table. All that is needed to play ‘Run for It’ is 06 (six) dice, paper and a pencil.

The aim of the “Run for it” game is to roll dice that have continuance numbers, such as 01-02, or 01-02-03. Each sequenced number is worth 05 (five) points, but a sequence cannot be minus any numbers. For example, if the hand thrown was 01 (one),04 (four),06 (six),06 (six),06 (six),03 (three) then no sequence can be recorded, and as such no score is recorded.

First person who reach 100 points declared the winner of the game

Boggle Junior

Boggle is that game which has been popular for a number of years, but now pre-schoolers are able to join this kind of fun, thanks to the introduction of ‘Boggle Junior’ There are 02 (two)-word matching games contained within the game, the look to encourage children to match the words shown on colorful cards showing bold pictures.

The game is not only a lot of fun, but also encourages word acceptance and associations, which can benefit pre-schoolers who are just starting out reading.

Although we have been describe a series of dice games, these are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dice games, for both child and adults.

What’s more, tabletop games like this type of dice games have a list of benefits that just aren’t possible with other pastimes, such as gaming. As well as the fun and bind time that can be achieved with a simple pair of dice, you can also get the following benefits.

  • Improved social interaction.
  • Greater problem-solving skills.
  • Gain techniques that promote visualization and innovation.
  • Great stress relief.
  • Improved communication skills.
  • An increased sense of achievement.

If you’re looking for an activity that encourages communications from everyone, then you could do a lot worse than considering some of the dice games shown here. Dice games can even be collect call, making them the ideal substitute for trading cards and figurines.

Boggle Junior Dice Game

Some Other Dice Game

Chō-han (or Chō-Han Bakuchi)

Number of players: 02 (two) or more

Number of dice: 06 (six)

Chō-Han is a Japanese dice game. Its very simple but very popular. The rules are easy: you roll 06 (six) dice and keep the result a secret. Then each player bets for the result: whether the sum of the dice is called an odd (Chō) or even (Han) number.

You can also play this game in a group, against each other (with the same number of players betting on odd or even) or against one player that acts as the bank.

This dice game is very popular in the Country Japan and is often played in TV shows or movies.

Chicago – Dice Game

Number of players: 02 (two) or more

Number of dice: 02 (two)

The Chicago dice game is a very simple and fun game. The rules to play are not very difficult and the game is decided by pure luck, but still it is very addictive. Once you start the game you might not want to stop the game to see if you can do better in the next game.

The game is played in 11 (eleven) rounds, starting with round 02 9two), then going to round 03 (three) and continuing until round 12 (twelve). In this game, every round each player takes his or her turn and rolls both dice, trying to roll the number of that round. For example, in the round with number 02 (two), you aim to roll a 01 9one) on each dice giving you a total of 02 (two).

Every player that rolls the number of the current round gets a point and adds it to his overall score. After all 11 (eleven) rounds are finished the game ends and the player with the highest number of points is declared the winner.

Balut Dice Game

Number of players: 03 (three) or more

Number of dice: 05 (five)

The Balut dice game actually created as an alternative for the game Poker that can be played without cards.

A set of classic Balut dice game rules exists, but basically Balut is very simple. In this game you can create your own scoring combinations, also assign points to each possible scoring combination. Then all players roll the dice in turns and note down their points which they scored, until all possible scoring combinations have occurred at least once. The player with the highest total scorer are winner of the game.

When a player rolls any 05 (five) of a kind, the scoring combination with the highest number of points, he or she has to shout “Balut” (like in the game of Bingo). To make it more interesting, before the start of the game, all players can write down how many times they guess a Balut will be rolled during the game. Any player that correctly guessed the total number of Baluts during the game, can then get an additional number of points!