Some Interesting And Unusual Beds For Kids

Some Interesting And Unusual Beds For Kids

When it comes to furniture products designed specifically for children you will find some interesting and unusual products. In the category of beds for kids there are some new styles that incorporate a lot of imagination into their design. These items are created to replicate the look of a fort, car, royal carriage or playhouse. These frames are available in single and bunk bed styles with the larger house and fort designs created using the double layer of the bunk style frame. Some of these beds use a fabric covering to create the outer surface area resembling the playhouse, while others create the images using pieces of plywood.

When shopping for childrens beds it is important to consider the ages of the children who will be using them. Obviously the fun bunk style forts would not be an appropriate choice for a child of four or five. There are classic childrens bunk bed frames that can be used with younger children in a safe manner. These come with the traditional side rails positioned along the top bed area to prevent a kid from rolling out and falling onto the floor. These also have ladders positioned either at the end of the front side or at the foot.

Bunk beds for kids have always been appealing to children because it gives them a sense of freedom to choose sleeping in either the top or bottom bunk. They also help free up floor space in rooms that are shared by the kids in the family. Variations on the classic design can include bookcase sections built into the headboards where kids can store various toys and books. There is also a new design that places a single sized bed over a double sized one to accommodate even more kids. In some styles of this design the bottom section can come as a convertible futon, which can be positioned into a sofa during the day.

Daybeds Double as Twins Beds for Kids

Every child needs a bed to sleep in.  Parents usually choose toddler or twin sized beds for their children when they graduate from their crib. Unlike toddler beds which kids quickly grow out of, twin beds for kids are the ideal size because they do not take up too much space in a bedroom but they have room for the child to grow.

One good option for kids is the daybed.  Daybeds use regular twin sized mattresses but instead of having just a headboard and footboard, they have two sides and a back. This configuration provides flexibility that standard twin beds do not have. Because it has a back, a daybed makes a good place to sit in the daytime. It is like having a couch in the bedroom.

Daybeds for kids provide a cozy place to read, do homework or watch television. A daybed is a comfortable place for kids to relax after school and hang out in their room with friends or siblings.

Both boys and girls enjoy having daybeds. The linens and decorations can change to suite the child’s gender and age. Young girls may prefer pink sheets with lacy pillows and plush toys, while young boys may choose a car or animal theme.

As children age, their tastes change.  With a daybed, there is no need to get a new bed, just upgrade the comforter, sheets and accessories. Older girls will probably move away from a lot of pink but still prefer a feminine color scheme.  Older boys may prefer dark colors like navy blue, forest green and brown. For day use, kids may enjoy having extra pillows.  Throw pillows are nice for accents and body length pillows are comfortable for lounging.

Other furniture compliments daybeds and add to their functionality.  A nightstand provides a place to keep a clock or light and room for eyeglasses or a glass of water. A headboard can be either freestanding or built into the bed and provides convenient storage for books or stuffed animals.

Many daybeds have the option for a trundle, which is another twin bed stored beneath the main bed. The trundle rolls out to become another sleeping place. This is an excellent space saver in the daytime and kids love them for sleepovers so that friends do not need to bring a sleeping bag or sleep on the floor.

Daybeds as twin beds for kids are the perfect choice.  A daybed will last from the toddler years into the teens, providing a child with a place to sleep, play and relax. Children love these beds and parents enjoy the functionality and space saving qualities.

Iron Beds Perfect for Kids

If you are looking for iron beds for kids, there are several options available. The main factors to consider will be your preferences, and what your kids like in terms of decorations for their bedrooms. Often you will find that the iron beds available for kids are different than those available for adults, so it is wise to consider the preferences of everyone involved. Remember to consider that kids beds tend to be smaller, but not always less sturdy. The main thing to worry about the design and decorum for the iron beds you pick.

Whenever you are looking at iron beds, it is wise to consider their safety as well.  Most iron beds are quite sturdy, but the hardness of the frame could injure smaller children while they are playing.  It is important to consider the age of your child whenever you are selecting a new bed.  Remember that kids ages 5-10 will be doing a lot of running and playing, so any time they are in their bedroom, they could fall and injure themselves on such a hard frame.  However, for younger kids, iron beds are very good at providing the necessary sturdiness.

When it comes to design considerations, there are many colors and styles for iron beds, so it’s largely a matter of preference.  You can be quite selective in the types of iron beds you pick; colorful frames and bed designs are a good idea, as kids are more stimulated by bright colors.

Remember when you are selecting iron beds and kids beds, you can ask your child directly which one most appeals to him or her.  If you choose a bed that your child likes, it’ll be a lot more likely to hold up for several years – which is good news for both you and your child.