Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Action technology is a new name to many. The company produces quality PC accessories that include Media Centers, Headsets, and Internet related products. Action tec is known to produce high-quality products with new and innovative features. They recently announced their two latest products in the market – Digital Media Player and a Wireless Bluetooth Headset.

Today we will be taking a closer look at Action tec’s Wireless Bluetooth Headset. This he aset is designed for cell phones and users who are looking to get rid of those annoying wires. This headset is light-weight and portable, which makes the product worthwhile, but how is the real-world performance of this headset? Read on and find out…

Wireless Bluetooth Headset


Action tec’s Bluetooth Wireless headset comes with various accessories – ears buds with a black bag for storage, lanyard, installation CD, power adapter, and an installation guide.

The installation guide is very simple and easy to understand. It includes diagrams along with descriptions to make the installation process even easier.

The extra set of ear buds are certainly appreciated. The carrying bag for ear buds is more of a luxury than an useful accessory, but it is not so bad. The installation CD is very stable and provides necessary drivers for the product. Actiontec’s wireless headset needs to be charged with an external power source, hence, the power adapter. So far, the product looks promising.

Product Analysis:

The headset is a combination of Black and Silver colors, which contrast rather nicely. The physical presentation of the product is also very professional. The black, hook-like structure you see is the main ear piece. It attaches to the ear and can be removed if the user wants to use the included lanyard. The headset can also be used for both left and right ears as the piece is adjustable. This is an excellent feature to have in a headset especially when it is designed for cell phones and portability.

Wireless Bluetooth Headset -4

The Bluetooth headset provides up to 10ft of range and is equipped with 128-bit encryption for security. It requires 2-3 hours of charge time, which is rather long. However, it does provide 4.5 hours of call time.

At the back of the headset, you can see the ear plug, which is quite comfortable. The headset is light-weight and doesn’t look out of proportion when in use. It is also one of the most stable headsets we have seen in the market. So far, Actiontec has done an impressive job with this product.

At the left side of the headset, the users will notice the connect and disconnect buttons. These buttons come in handy when accepting a call. Actiontec has also included two LEDs on the headset. The Red LED lights up when the headset is not fully charged and the Green LED lights up when the Bluetooth headset is fully charged. This is an excellent way to make sure the product is working fine and is fully charged for use. It is very professional of Actiontec to add so many features on such a small device.

Testing Methodology:

We decided to use this headset on a Bluetooth capable cell phone. The headset was not tested on a PC for audio quality as it is not designed to accomplish such tasks. The range and audio quality was measured throughout our testing along with the battery life.


We recorded the range of the produce to exceed the standard specifications. We never lost the signal until we went 10.3ft away from the Bluetooth capable cell phone. The audio quality is amazingly clear and crisp. We did found the battery life to be less than what the specifications report. We re-tested the battery life three times to make sure our results weren’t at fault and indeed they weren’t. The battery lasted only four hours instead of 4.5 hours. We suggest Actiontec to improve upon this issue in the next revision of this product.

Wireless Bluetooth Headset -3

Final Statements…

Actiontec’s Bluetooth Wireless Headset is an exceptional product. The package comes with all the needed accessories and even few extras. The product itself is very compact with great color contrast. The headset is feature-rich and looks highly professional.

As stated above, we are truely impressed by the performance of the headset, however, we would certainly like to restate the battery-life issue. This is a fixable problem and should be fixed in Actiontec’s next revisions of the product. It would be great if Actiontec can figure out of a way reducing charge time while increasing the overall battery life. At this point, battery-life is our only minor concern.

Overall, if you are looking for a headset that looks great and performs great, Actiontec’s Wireless Bluetooth Headset would be a good choice.